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Providing access and opportunity to young people.
The Foundation provides disadvantaged young people with access to higher education and works to remove social and other barriers to enable young children to achieve their potential. We provide pathway scholarships to access university and communications support for pre-school and primary school children to overcome issues with speech and language development.
Access to Higher Education
Supporting Communication in Early Years
Access to Higher Education
The Young Achievers Program supports disadvantaged Queensland state high school students by engaging and mentoring them throughout their final school years and their academic journey. Civic responsibility is an important goal of the program. We provide scholarships to enable young participants to continue their journey at university.
Sean Kelly Young Achievers Program Recipient 2020
Scholarship Recipient: Taylor

In 2020 a BFF gift helped establish the Monash Achieving Potential Perpetual Fund and the Bowness Family Foundation Achieving Potential Scholarship.     This endowment fund enables the University to pool donated funds supporting access to education and will give academically bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to reach their full potential for    decades to come.

Supporting Communication in Early Years
The No Limits program run by the Mornington Peninsula Foundation provides speech diagnostics and speech and language therapy support to school children from disadvantaged kinders and primary schools in the Mornington Peninsula. Our support ensures that young children in this area have access to services and with this the chance to flourish.

The Award winning Education Pathways Program (EPP) run by Launch Housing aims to reduce the number of primary school children who miss school as a result of experiencing homelessness. EPP identifies and assists children with educational learning gaps, linking them to schools and providing supports like speech pathology services for young children as is needed.